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The law office of Thiery & Thiery was founded in 1978 in Saarbrücken. It is situated in "Keltermann", a historical building on the market square of St. Johann in Saarbrücken.

The office handles matters of civil and commercial law. It operates not only on a regional basis, but also nationally and internationally, in particular in the Anglo-American sector and the German-Austrian law.

There has been close cooperation with Hartwig Solicitors in London since 1980.
The lawyers Lechner & Lechner in Leipzig have been our cooperation partners since 1994.
Since 2004 the lawyer Dr. Gottfried Thiery has been our cooperation partner.
Since 2004 Austria’s honorary consulate represented by Detlef Thiery being responsible for Austrian citizens living in Saarland is located in our law office.

In their private and professional lives everyone is involved in a varied network of agreements, contracts and legal relationships.

The consulting service we offer aims at making these relationships easy to survey, stable and clear. Our experience, professional competence and creativity provide a dependable basis for this. We assist in preventing disputes and avoiding lengthy and expensive legal disputes by means of negotiation.

In cases where this is not possible, we support our clients in court and with authorities, to ward off unjustified claims and consistently assert rightful claims. We are active at all the German local and regional courts (in particular at the regional courts of Koblenz, Trier, Kaiserslautern, Zweibrücken and Mannheim) and are admitted to the Regional Appeal Court of Saarland in Saarbrücken.

It is a matter of course for our law office to offer our clients a permanent contact person / person in charge and to put every effort into representing the individual interests of our clients.

Our clients benefit from the fact that our lawyers receive further training on a regular basis and from our membership in various national and international organisations:

Our business activity’s main focus consists in advising medium-sized enterprises. We aim at establishing close cooperation with our clients so that we can guaranty effective and individual representation our client’s interests.

Our law office is particularly interested in the setting up of new businesses and the people involved in this.

We have been widely active for many years in the following fields and have thus gained extensive experience:
warning, labor contract, supply of temporary workers, company pension scheme, shop committee council, business manager contract or chairman’s contract, employment law, social plan, tariff law, testimonial, etc.
Recently published:
Thiery, Gertrud: 
Arbeitsrecht in der Apotheke

Von Arbeitsvertrag bis Zeugnis: 100 Antworten auf wichtige Fragen, ISBN 3-7692-4064-2

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Deutscher Apotheker Verlag Stuttgart, Birkenwaldstr. 44, 70191 Stuttgart,,
Preis: 9,80 EUR

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in particular adviser liability, credit law, financing, the law concerning bills of exchange, securities, guarantees and the law concerning mortages on real estate.
law on contracts for work and services, law on architects’ and engineers’ work and services as well as the law on manual workers’ performances, estate agent law, law on letting and hiring, laws on real property, VOB, HOAI
order of care, authorization of provision
law on installing vending machines, law on contracts referring to delivery of beer and other drinks, concession of restaurants, licensed premises
line of succession, community of heirs, testamentary arrangement by way of a mutually binding contact, disposition by will, compulsary portion, testament, execution of a will, bequest
marriage contract, law on property between husband and wife, separation, divorce, consequences: claim for maintenance after divorce, divorce settlement money, laws concerning children such as custody, maintenance loan and visitation rights, laws on relationships
in particular the law regulating limited liability companies, partnership of companies, independent companies, deeds of association articles of partnership, contractor’s liability setting up in business, purchase of enterprises, amalgamation of enterprises, law on endowment funds, law on societies
law on pharmacies and doctors, law on doctor’s liability, law relating to food processing and distribution
Trade-marks law, marking law, law on license agreements, advertising law, copyright act, law on competition
AGB, franchise, international rights of purchase and sale, leasing law, law on transactions by check, right to distribute, law on bills of exchange
Legislation on rent for business premises, residential right, right of residence.
Fines, driver's license matters, adjustment of damages
insurance of disablement, public liability insurance law, sickness insurance law, life assurance law, law of insurance of objects, insurance contract law, insurance broker law

Three lawyers are there to assist you both as personal contacts and persons in charge and as a team. We consider our clients partners on the way to joint success - and we devote all our time and attention to achieving this.

We are:

Detlef Thiery
(born 1948)
  • Studied jurisprudence in Tübingen and Saarbrücken
  • Traineeship with, among others, the British-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in London
  • Admitted to the bar since 1978
  • Member of the board of the German-British Jurists Association, Hamburg since 1980 
  • Honorary consul of Austria since 2004

Foreign languages: English


Gertrud Thiery 
(born 1951)
  • Studied jurisprudence in Tübingen and Saarbrücken
  • Traineeship in, among others, a lawyers' office in London
  • Admitted to the bar since 1978
  • Specialist in labour law since 1992
  • Vice-president of the Bar Association of Saarland
  • "Justizrätin" since 2005
  • Vorstand des Bundesverbandes der freien Berufe, Landesverband Saarland

Foreign languages: English


Beate Carroccia 
(born 1977)
  • Studied jurisprudence in Saarbrücken
  • Admitted to the bar since 2005

Foreign languages:  
English and italian

You have questions on:
  • Legal structure?
  • Memorandum and articles of association, partnership agreements?
  • Location?
  • Financing?
  • Contacts?
  • Taxes?
  • Property?
  • Registration of the business?
  • Public aid?
  • Contracts of employment?
  • General terms and conditions of trade?
  • And, and, and…

We have the answer - fast, competent and tailored to your individual requirements.

We will use our competence, many years of experience and our contacts to help you, e.g. with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Saarland, with the companies isoplan-Marktforschung and isoplan-CONSULT and with the AKW Arbeitskreis Wirtschaft e.V., Saarbrücken.

In several cases a client's decision to engage a lawyer's services and the extent to which a lawyer might be approached for help depends on the expense involved in such for the client. Consequently, we inform our clients as soon as possible of the estimated expenditure they will be faced when our services are complete. We hold the view that transparency and the early calculation of cost are imperative for both the client and the lawyer.


A lawyer's fee for a counsel is no longer prescribed by law and can thus be appointed individually. The most common agreement we recommend is a fee calculated according to time. We offer hourly rates of between EUR 160.00 and EUR 240.00, depending on the facts and circumstances of the case.

Moreover, we offer an introductory counsel at a fixed price. The first counsel is an introductory consultation which, in our experience, usually takes between 15 and 45 minutes. Such a consultation aims to provide a provisional appraisal of the likelihood of a client's case being brought to a successful conclusion and an assessment of the expected cost of proceedings. We offer this service for a fixed price of EUR 40.00 per 15 minutes plus VAT. By accepting this offer you have the opportunity - at little expense - of finding out if your personal issue can be solved successfully.

Representation in court:

Concerning representation in court, an official law (Rechtsanwaltsvergütungsgesetz) prescribes a certain fee that may not be undercut - not even by an individual agreement between the lawyer and the client. The costs to be covered by the client depend on the value of the matter in dispute, which is determined by the economic interest the client expresses by carrying out legal proceedings. In the case of claims for money the value in dispute can easily be ascertained. It corresponds to the sum of money being required by the plaintiff.

Things get more complicated if lawsuits do not involve claims for money. Litigation belonging to this category is, for instance, actions to restrain interference as well as claims for removal of institutions, buildings and so on. Nevertheless, in such cases we are usually able to establish at least the approximate value in dispute provided that we are aware of all significant facts. Based on this knowledge we are able to obtain a first overview of the judicial proceeding's costs. It goes without saying that, if you so request, we will calculate a personal prognosis of your costs based on the information of which we are aware about your case.

If you would like to have your risk of costs appraised by specialists, we are the people to contact.

Our address:

Thiery & Thiery
Bahnhofstrasse 1
(St. Johanner Markt)
D-66111 Saarbrücken

Phone: + 49 681 958 15 0
Fax: + 49 681 958 15 19

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